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How can I purchase tickets for Ajio Luxe Wkend? What is the onground set up for bookings and redemption?

Tickets for Ajio Luxe Wkend are available exclusively through BookMyShow [PAID TICKET LINK]. We have a dedicated box office for onground bookings and redemption. Customers who have booked online can approach the box office, present their authentic booking ID, and receive a wristband in exchange. Additionally, customers will be provided with a pre-loaded RFID card of INR 1,000 for Food & Beverage purchases at our counters.
Ticket price (per day): INR 1,500 with INR 1,000 cover for F&B.

How does the onground redemption process work?

Upon approaching the onground box office, customers with online bookings need to show their authentic booking ID to receive a wristband. This wristband serves as both entry validation and a means to access their pre-loaded RFID card for F&B purchases.

What is the purpose of the pre-loaded RFID card?

The pre-loaded RFID card is provided to customers for convenient and quick transactions at our food counters. It is pre-loaded with a specific amount for Food & Beverage purchases during the event.

How does the food redemption process work with the RFID card?

Once a customer has topped up their RFID card, they can proceed to any food counter. At the counter, they can use the RFID card to purchase the food items of their choice. The corresponding amount for the selected food items will be deducted from the card.

Is the remaining balance on the RFID card refundable?

No, the balance or leftover amount on the RFID card is non-refundable. We recommend customers to plan their purchases accordingly to make the most of the pre-loaded amount.

Can the RFID card be used for multiple transactions?

Yes, the RFID card can be used for multiple transactions until the pre-loaded amount is fully utilised. Customers can enjoy the flexibility of making food purchases throughout the event with a single RFID card.

What if I lose my RFID card?

Unfortunately, lost RFID cards cannot be replaced, and the remaining balance on the lost card will not be refunded. We advise customers to keep their RFID cards secure and report any loss immediately.

How can I stay updated on the latest announcements and updates regarding Ajio Luxe Wkend?

Follow us on Instagram @LLWIndia for the latest updates on Ajio Luxe Wkend.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, feel free to contact our customer support for assistance at